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Tips for Drinking More Water

Last week, we talked about how important it is to drink water and highlighted some of the (many) benefits you can reap by being properly hydrated. Now that the why has been covered, we’re going to focus on the how. It’s easy to promise ourselves that we’ll make a change, but actually committing isn’t as easy in […]

6 Reasons to Drink More Water

Sometime back in elementary school, we started hearing about how important water is four our bodies – how we’re made up of roughly 60% water, how we can go weeks with little food but only a few days without H20. We’ve all been told that, along with 2-5 servings of fruit and veggies, we should […]

Teacher Spotlight: Lisa Dwyer

Pradhana’s fortunate enough to have some of the best, most rocking teachers around. Teachers are such an integral part of yoga. Even though the same principles and poses apply to the practice as a whole, the instructor dictates the flow, tone, and overall vibe of the room. Teaching yoga is an art form and no two […]

Yogathon 2016 Recap & Thank You!

Thank You First and foremost… THANK YOU! Whether you joined our team, pledged one of our participants, or simply shared our posts on Facebook – thank you, thank you, thank you for supporting Team HYPsters + Pradhana United. Yoga Reaches Out is an amazing organization and it was an honor to help them support Boston Children’s Hospital […]

Range of Motion – Benefit Highlight

It goes without saying that yoga offers a plethora of benefits – from stress reduction to strengthening, regular practice is good for the mind, body, and soul. One of the benefits that’s particularly close to my heart is the increased range of motion that many yogis enjoy. For those not familiar with my story, here’s […]

Yogathon 2016 Is Coming

YOGATHON!! Sunday, May 1 – 9am – 5pm It’s that time for year during which a bunch of good-hearted people come together and fill up Gillette Stadium to raise money for Boston Children’s Hospital. Yogathon is a lot of fun and Yoga Reaches Out is an amazing organization. Team HYPsters + Pradhana United Pradhana is partnering with […]

Perfect Gifts for the Yogi on Your List

There’s less than two weeks till Christmas and if you’re anything like us, your shopping is not quite done yet. To help you out with your last-minute needs, we’ve rounded up a list of gifts that any yogi will love. Gifts for your Favorite Yoga Lover: Handmade keychains and bracelets (pictured above) – available at the Pradhana […]

Halloween BOOtcamp with Tara Morris

Tara Morris hosted a BOOtcamp at Pradhana on Halloween morning and it was a smashing success! Tara is a such a talented teacher and a bright light; she oozes positivity and greeted everyone with a hug. She brings an energy that no one else possesses, and her passion shows in each class that she teaches. Pradhana […]