Class Styles

90 Min Flow

90 min classes tune into the natural flow of breath then begin by gently lengthening and deepening each breath. Within the length and depth of breath we move our bodies. Throughout the rise and fall of intensity we learn through practice how to remain with ourselves and in control using ancient breathing techniques. (Ujjayi pranayama)

Each class offers a series of Asanas or (body postures) that are linked together with the inhale and the exhale. This repetition of breath and movement brings an element of cardiovascular conditioning to the class increasing the caloric expenditure, improving circulation and safely working the heart.

Our highly skilled teachers offer variations to help safely build the beginner as well as more challenging variations to bring the advanced beginner safely to their edge. The room is comfortably heated surrounding you like a blanket to gently invite the muscles to supple and elongate. Over time the muscles retain the length and strengthen. This "re-integration" helps improve posture and offers the body the space to maintain health.

75 Min Flow

A 75 minute version of our Flow yoga classes. All levels welcome.

Hour of Power

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Slow Flow

Slow flow classes allow the student to invest more energy and time into learning and practicing the optimal alignment in each pose. With fewer postures, the slow flow classes are wonderful ways to find deep release, ground and sanctuary. New and beginning students to Inner Strength will find the slow flow classes an approchable initial step and intermediate/advanced students will also enjoy winding down with a slow flow class.

Warm Gental Flow

The warm gentle flow classes utilize a warm room and gentle flowing motions and transitions to help the body become more supple, facilitating ease and accessibility into different postures. This warmth will foster a broader range of motion in the body helping newer students, students returning from injury, post natal or advance students into their body in a more gentle manner. Warmth, when applied in a conscious responsible way, with patience and balance, allows the body to open and improve circulation of blood and oxygen as well as reducing stress on all of the systems. The warm, nurturing tone to the room will allow your joints to bend and move through grater range of motion with less agitation. Warm gentle flow classes are suggested for beginners. NOTE: Online Sign-ups are not allowed for this class. Class is first come, first serve.

Power Down

Power Down blends slow flow, yin yoga, and restorative poses to gently ease the mind and body into a deep state of relaxation. A slow and gentle flow of more traditional yoga Asanas begins to deepen the breath and cool the mind. 3-4 minute holds of yin yoga poses follow, cultivating a feeling of serenity and letting go. Finally, 5-7 minute restorative poses, supported by blankets and blocks, allow a complete surrender mentally, physically, and emotionally. Leave class feeling grounded, refreshed, and renewed.