Randi’s Biography

Going back just over 5 years now, Randi Morse had found herself at a crossroads in life. With so much of her passion and time spent ascending the ladder of academia, the pressure was certainly immense. Conflicted and burdened with a curiosity in her heart, all the momentum, which at a time drove her on her path, at once came to a halt. It was during this time, while on hiatus from pursuing past dreams, Randi fell terribly ill.

What followed was a period in her life that would literally transform her at every level of her being. Initially, the steps to her treatment unraveled slowly, mainly because pinning down the source of such complications can be extremely difficult. It was due to these issues that Randi was left with permanent damage to her body. The effects of the illness and numerous surgeries had by now caused irreversible damage to her body and long term issues with her skeletal system.

Shortly after, Randi began rehabilitation and it was at this point she suffered further injury in damaging her spinal column. After the extent of the damage was understood, it was clear that Randi’s spine was severely damaged and would pose a serious obstacle to leading a healthy lifestyle. She quickly sought out the assistance of specialists in the field and was determined to do what was necessary to overcome.

At the time, pain management was the only path available and was thus crucial. She underwent numerous procedures during this period of time. However, the final procedure, due to many possible variables that still remain unknown, caused a severe head drop and Randi totally lost mobility in her neck and the lift of her skull. All hope truly seemed to have been lost and the weight of these circumstances was truly beginning to erode her spirit.

It was at this point, 16 months later, that Randi met a doctor with an idea, a plan to utilize a method of spinal fusion to help alleviate and resolve the issues she was suffering. The procedure in many ways was a success. However, with as much support as it created for her body, she suffered equal rigidity, with her gaze locked forward and the mobility of her neck almost nonexistent.

The support from this last procedure and the challenge of the entire ordeal allowed for a very powerful will and a particular type of ambition to foment. It was at this point in her story that Randi began to absolutely devote herself to her health and fitness, immersing herself into the practice of Yoga. Soon after, she was keeping a regular daily practice, working in the fitness industry, and even completed a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Inner Strength Studios. With a background in psychology and philosophy, she was quite familiar with many of the western ideas of knowing and understanding, but more and more found solace in the message and word of the eastern masters – perpetually balancing the message of the two to inspire her life and others.

The changes that her practice facilitated, the support and compassion she received from those in the yoga community, and the friendships she has forged have truly become the means to her well being. This is the key to her joyous living, even despite a history of trial far outweighing most. It is for this very reason she aspired to open Pradhana Power Yoga, to fulfill her mission to share the very spiritual substance that saved her life. Her aim is simple: To provide the Pradhana community with physically-demanding, vinyasa-style yoga classes, which focus on linking breath to movement, while also cleansing at an emotional and spiritual level, all aimed at the cultivation of Seva.

It is this idea of Seva, or selfless acts, that has inspired her throughout these ordeals. It was never simply the postures, or the meditations, or the teachers, or the ancient word, but instead the golden exchange of giving to receive. The secret to living is giving, as her mentor Roman Szpond purports. It is the fact that despite all of these indescribable and often insurmountable tribulations with which she and all people grapple, she simply follows the path and provides a means to joy for others and her pains and predicament are overwhelmed by love and light.

It is from that very Supreme and Essential substance – that heals any and all – where Pradhana receives its name, and there could not be a better concept and story to describe Randi and the mission she has.