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Adam Ridge


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Amanda Martinage

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Amanda Webber

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Amelia Bellve

IMG_20151105_160625Amelia stumbled upon her first yoga class in 2010. Leaving feeling great physically and mentally she knew it would become an integral part of her life. After practicing on and off for a few years in 2015 yoga became more than just a past time and become a place of serious healing. While facing a transitional period in her life, yoga became a way to heal with loss, change and depression. The daily commitment to practicing yoga opened up many possibilities and shined a light on all areas of life allowing for healing, growth and renewed joy. Yoga has shown me the power of uncovering the true greatness and completeness that lies within everybody. The connection and "union" of the mind, body and spirit brings us to acceptance with ourselves regardless of external events. Yoga is powerful.

Training with Baptiste yoga Amelia hopes to bring love and ease to every class she teaches while maintaining an invigorating and nourishing flow for the body and spirit.

Ava Cardinale

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Brian David Rothwell

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Heather Sheehan

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Hope Griffin

YogaBioPicHope is a graduate of the 4 Pillars of Freedom Yoga Teacher Training Program from Inner Strength in Watertown in which her love for and understanding of yoga grew even deeper. Her background in psychology and theology, and her passion for nutrition and fitness have helped her cultivate a holistic practice that integrates mind, body, heart, and soul. You can expect the same holistic approach from her classes which aim to integrate, challenge, and inspire!

Irina Spiegel

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Lisa Dwyer

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Melanie Peterson

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Mike Shick

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Nadine Geller

View More: professional bench-warmer in all sports with little hand eye coordination, Nadine never dreamed that she’d fall in love with yoga! Nadine discovered yoga in high school, a time of great stress and anxiety. After a few challenging weeks on the mat, Nadine started to experience the yoga practice as a place to gain a sense of inner calm, learn about herself, and nurture her sense of compassion and acceptance.

While teaching, Nadine strives to create a space of freedom where students can listen to their bodies, rinse away built up tension, and leave class rejuvenated physically, mentally, and emotionally. Through a focus on breath and alignment, Nadine encourages students to reconnect with themselves in the midst of this busy and chaotic world, and take with them the lessons learned from their practice. Nadine is honored to help her students gain the benefits of the age-old practice.

Nadine is forever grateful to her teachers, Natasha Rizopoulos and many others, who inspire her with their passion and deep understanding of yoga asana and philosophy. Nadine is a 200 hour certified yoga instructor.

Randi Morse

IMG_988759332035234Going back just over 5 years now, Randi Morse had found herself at a crossroads in life. With so much of her passion and time spent ascending the ladder of academia, the pressure was certainly immense. Conflicted and burdened with a curiosity in her heart, all the momentum, which at a time drove her on her path, at once came to a halt. It was during this time, while on hiatus from pursuing past dreams, Randi fell terribly ill.

What followed was a period in her life that would literally transform her at every level of her being. Initially, the steps to her treatment unraveled slowly, mainly because pinning down the source of such complications can be extremely difficult. It was due to these issues that Randi was left with permanent damage to her body. The effects of the illness and numerous surgeries had by now caused irreversible damage to her body and long term issues with her skeletal system.


Rawley Dworetz

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Sharon Ellis

DSC_0744_ppSharon first began practicing yoga almost 15 years ago, but it wasn’t until after she had children that she truly found her devotion to it. Not only was yoga the perfect form of exercise, but it was also an ideal outlet for stress, a perfect way to collect her thoughts, and an excellent venue for time to herself. Over the years, Sharon has steadily grown more devoted to yoga, but she knew she had more to give. In 2014, Sharon took her practice to the next level, and completed her 200-hour teacher training with H.Y.P. Studio in Needham. She lives with her husband and two rambunctious children.